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Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion

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Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion is an exciting mix of Spanish, Brazilian, and Caribbean musical textures, combining the virtuosity of flamenco-influenced guitar with seductively exotic Latin rhythms. The sounds of Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion will take you on a musical journey ranging from the titillating to the mysterious, conjuring images of hot summer days, panoramic sunsets, and cool moonlit nights.

Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion is music that engages you on multiple levels, tempting you to dance while at the same time inviting you to just listen and let your mind be swept away by the soothing melodies and rhythms. Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion is music that engages both your body and your mind.

The music of Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion "is at times understated in a sensuous and elegantly introspective way, and at times driving and irresistible. Its subtle contrasts of moods and textures are the qualities that make it so evocative and gratifying." - Michele Brangwen, Brangwen Dance Company

"Mark's music has an intensity to it that makes you want to move and dance, and yet it really relaxes you too." - Kirk Whalum

Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion Album

Mark Towns Flamenco Fusion Videos

Desert Flower - Flamenco Fusion / Latin Jazz by Mark Towns Band w. Hubert Laws - flute

Salamanca - Flamenco/Merengue Fusion by Mark Towns

Corriente - Flamenco Fusion by Mark Towns

Merengue Gitano - Flamenco/Merengue Fusion from Mark Towns
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